Horizon Honors Futbol Team


Photo credit: Anthony Airdo © 2013

“We are the best looking Horizon team hands down,” said junior Tony Salatino

Anthony Airdo, Columnist

Horizon Honors soccer players geared up to start this year’s season with tryouts which were held earlier this week. Senior Connor Pendleton exclaimed, “I have high hopes for the team this year. We have an overall skilled team, and we have more talent than ever. We’re going to have a great season.”

Fortunately, for those trying out, no one is getting cut from the team. Coach Ringennberg explained that, ”since there’s 20 jerseys and 15 players trying out, virtually everyone is going to make it on the team.”  “Soccer tryouts are less like an audition and more like a practice” said Sophomore Josh Drapkin.

After tryouts, the players go to soccer camp in Benson, Arizona. While there, “[the team] discusses ideas for [their] style of play for the year,” elaborated junior Tony Salatino. He also added that “[the camp] is great for team-building.” The soccer team is almost ready for action, and their first game takes place on Nov. 20.