Another Win for JV Girls Volleyball

Horizon Honors JV Girls Volleyball team dominate once again, this time against Arizona Lutheran Academy on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Danielle Moran, Columnist

Fan-filled bleachers, music blasting out of every speaker, the screeching of court shoes and bouncing of balls echoing throughout the gymnasium, this can only mean one thing: it’s game day. Horizon Honors took on Arizona Lutheran Academy at ALA’s home gym. The two teams had battled against each other during the previous high school volleyball season, which resulted in a win for Horizon Honors. This time, the girls stepped out onto the court ready to hold onto that victory for another year more.

Nearly every single player on the team contributed to the earning of points throughout the first match. Sophomore Michelle Ogle, number one, served as an ongoing source of excitement and energy through her constant point-earning plays. Ogle had consistent serving and also found the strategy of dumping the ball over the net to be very useful. She comments on the strategy, “We looked at where all the players were on the other side of the court and we put the ball where they weren’t. That’s how we got points!” The first set ended with a score of 25-16 in Horizon Honors’ favor.

The girls started the second set off even more aggressively than the first. The girls sprung ahead right away with a lead of 13-8. The girls continued their strategic play and managed to keep the lead throughout the entire match. One memorable play was when freshman Hannah Glew, number 20, tipped directly over the middle over blocker, earning another point for her team.

Freshman Erica Kendree, number five, was also able to score numerous amounts of points for her team in both sets. “[Getting several points in a row] makes you pumped”, she says, “you’re on a roll and you want to keep playing your hardest.” The last set ended with Horizon Honors in the lead again, with a score of 25-12.


Getting stronger as the match went on, the girls were able to pull out yet another win for the Horizon Honors JV Volleyball team. JV Coach Bill Ziegler said, “We ended up controlling the whole match and winning our match so I’m proud of the girls.” Ziegler believes that the team has the capability of going undefeated for the rest of the season. The next high school volleyball match will be away, held on Oct. 7, against Parker High School.