Time To Fly

Horizon Honors’ cheer team has gone to their first cheer competition of the season. They were ready to go, and excited to flip and tumble into the state qualifiers.


Photo Courtesy of Christi Britt

Juniors Destiny Lovely and Kai Farley pose before their departure for State Qualifiers Saturday Nov. 15. Both girls were eager to perform and cannot wait to finish the season strong.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

On Nov. 15, Horizon Honors’ Varsity Spiritline set off to Estrella Foothills High School to compete in the iTiger AIA State Qualifiers. It’s an important competition, because if the girls got into the top ten out of seventeen cheer teams, they go off to the state competition. All of the girls were excited for their first competition of the season. Junior, and captain of the team, Destiny Lovely was eager as well, bouncing up and down with excitement. “I think we’re ready,” Lovely said before stretching out, ready for the practice.

The girls had worked hard at practice to prepare for the meet. Their coach, Armani Hernandez, said that the team is capable of making it in the top ten and that she was excited to see the girls perform. “It’s a good bond,” she said about the teams dynamics, just as ready to get results as her cheer team.

The girls will know where they placed sometime this week, and even though they didn’t make it to state competitions, they’re still going to support Horizon Honors’ teams and go to future competitions.