Horizon Honors Girls’ Soccer Seniors Finish Season

Varsity girls’ soccer team celebrates seniors in the process of bringing home a defeat.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

The Horizon Honors Girl’s Soccer Team performed great, but lost 4-0.

Bry Holguin, Columnist

On Thursday, Jan. 29 at 4 p.m., Horizon Honors’ high school varsity girls’ soccer team played their last game of the season against Phoenix Country Day. The team went in hopeful of a win, but unfortunately the game didn’t end in Horizon Honors’ favor. Friends and families were covered under blankets and huddled under umbrellas as rain fell heavily around them.

The first half of the game the girls started off strong, with junior Leah Skromme and freshman Tara Fazio on defense. Both did a successful job of making sure the ball stayed on the opposite side of the field. Towards the middle of the first half, Horizon Honors scored twice, effectively bringing the score from zero to two. Shortly after, the game was delayed due to one of opposing team players getting injured. Junior Brogan Taylor and senior Savannah Cunningham displayed clean passes to each other and secure ball control. The two had multiple near chances of scoring, but it seemed as if the ball didn’t want to go into the net.

After the end of first half it was the team’s senior night. During this time, seniors Sarah Ivan, Savannah Cunningham, Shelby Langston, and Sierra Volker were celebrated and acknowledged for all their hard work and contribution to this year’s season. The girls’ family joined them as each waited their turn to run through the hands of fellow teammates and friends who made a tunnel for them. At the end of the tunnel there was their coach, Patrick Andrews greeting them with a balloon, bouquet of flowers, and a basket of goodies.

Second half of the game we were down zero to three. The game seemed to be going slow, up until the opposing scored once again. The game was coming to an end, and the ball was passed down and back up the field, but no goals were scored. The game ended at a loss of zero to four. The girls are eager and excited for the next season to come.