HS Varsity Boys’ Volleyball

Horizon Honors’ Eagles beat the Chandler Wolves in the volleyball game on Thursday.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Horizon Honors played against Chandler High School in Boys’ Volleyball.

Zachary Asato

Emmy Walker, Columnist

On Thursday, Apr. 3, the Horizon Honors’ varsity boys’ volleyball team took on the Chandler High School Wolves. They boys were pumped up and determined to win, no matter what the cost might be.

The Eagles stayed in the lead for the majority of the first game. They dove for the ball, and had plenty of amazing hits which resulted in an exciting game for the crowd to watch. The score was 23 to 18 when the Wolves hit the ball out twice, which finished off the game with a win for Horizon Honors. The final score was 25 to 18, which was the Eagles’ first win.

The second game didn’t go so well for the Eagles. Both teams were in it to win, and the score remained close the entire game. The Eagles took a timeout after an incredibly long volley that had ended in Chandler’s favor. The game was tied at 23, and the intensity level was rising. The Eagles took another timeout after the Wolves scored once more, and fought for one more point to make it a tie at 24. Chandler scored two more points which ended the match at 24 to 26.

Horizon Honors was dedicated to making up for the loss. Their effort paid off, for they were in the lead for most of the game. The Wolves were forced to take a timeout after sophomore Trevor Weary gave them a killer serve that resulted in an ace. The score was 20 to 12 when the Eagles decided to finish it off strong. After many blocks and amazing hits, the final score was 25 to 12.

The Eagles just had to win one more match in order to win the entire game. If not, they would have to continue to a fifth game to determine who would be the victor. Again, the game was very close at first, and they were tied at six points.  Horizon Honors still had some fire left from the previous game, so they took the lead as Chandler struggled to keep up. At a score of 19 to 11, the Wolves didn’t give up and continued to play hard. The Eagles wanted to end strong. After a series of dives, hits, and blocks, the final score was 25 to 14: another victory for the Eagles.

The next game is against Corona del Sol on Apr. 7, so be sure to come and support your Horizon Honors’ Eagles!