Most Watched Movie App in the Midst of Pandemic

Amiyah Jada Owens, Columnist

The internet is flooded with tons of different streaming services, with some of the most popular being sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Max. I conducted a survey to find out which of these services was the most popular during quarantine. The results concluded that Netflix was the most popular, with eight votes. Coming in to a close second was YouTube with 7 votes. Below these two was HBO MAX with two votes, and finally Amazon and Hulu being by far the least popular, with only one vote each. The “other” category had a combined total of two votes between multiple services. Once the voting was done, I further interviewed the interviewees to see why they chose the streaming services they selected. Here’s what I got:

  • (Ainsley Olvey)¨Netflix because it is great to watch teen shows and we have no other apps.¨
  • ( Nessah Wendt,)¨Disney+ because I only fancy Disney shows and movies.¨
  • (Madeeha Akhtar)¨Netflix and Youtube because it’s just what I’ve grown up with.”
  • (Adam Khogyani)“I used Netflix the most because it has a lot of shows to choose from and I get bored easily when watching stuff so I can just switch to another show to watch.”
  •  (Allister McLeod) “Netflix because of the Netflix party extension, which made it possible to easily watch movies with friends during quarantine.” 
  • “Netflix isn’t limited to just their movies or shows. While things like Disney Plus and Peacock have some variety, they are limited to what is their property.”
  • “Youtube and Tubi because they’re free.”
  •  “Hulu because it had more access to shows I liked to watch, Netflix got incredibly boring since they have no new stuff.”
  • “Youtube because I can use it to see news updates on Covid and it has a lot of entertaining content just in general.”
  • “I use YouTube the most because it’s entertaining, however, I use Netflix to watch anime and Amazon prime when I want to watch movies.”
  • “Netflix and Hulu because they have the shows that I’m currently watching.”

As the data concludes, Netflix and YouTube seemed to be the far most popular, with many of the responses revolving around the fact that they are easy to use and have huge selections. On top of this, Netflix and YouTube have been huge name-brand streaming services for years now, and have had their popularity and credibility boost them even further to the top.