Middle School Volleyball Team Evens Out Scores

Lauren Bander, Columnist

Over the past two middle school volleyball games, the A and B Teams were beaten by opposing teams, and the B Team got off to a daunting start at their most recent game when Gilbert Christian earned the first point. However, the girls didn’t get discouraged too easily.

Seventh grader Olivia Moran saw the ball coming toward her and got her hands ready to set the ball. She hit it over the net and scored her team a point. Then one of her teammates served the ball and instantly earned the Eagles another point. The girls got into a circle on the court to do their cheer. “Ace, ace, ace, whoosh!” they chanted, and got back into their positions to continue the game.

Toward the end of the game, the Horizon Eagles had 24 points. Just one more point was needed to win. Everybody was staring intently at Gilbert Christian’s server, and the girl hit the ball so hard it hit the ceiling, giving the winning point to Horizon Honors’ B Team. Their supporters clapped and shouted out congratulations as the team that won 25 to 11 were high-fiving their opponents, telling them it was a good game.

Later that evening, the Horizon Honors Volleyball A Team followed the B Team’s lead by winning 25 to 8.

Seventh grader Reece Stover spoke of her team, the B Team, winning the game: “I am so happy. I don’t think our team could stand for another loss, and now our scores are tied. It is two losses, two wins.”

The girls hope their good work will continue during their next game on Thursday, September 26, at Rancho Salano.