Lauren Bander

Lauren Bander, Columnist

After her first year of Journalism, Lauren Bander is excited to be back for another, this time in Journalism 3-4 and the 8th grade. This being her third year at Horizon Honors, Lauren is a member of NJHS and Middle School Student Council and looks forward to putting more time into charity work. She loves the Horizon Honors Drama department and hopes to continue performing with them after discovering being a part of the production team was so much fun.
Also an avid reader and writer, Lauren takes Journalism to expand her knowledge on the world of nonfiction and news writing. She writes to share her opinions and creativity with people other than just herself and close friends. But she hopes to someday share her writing with the world through books as a published author. When not writing, she doesn’t mind having some downtime to watch shows like Doctor Who on Netflix or reading and fangirling over her favorite books. She also loves her two cats and spends time trying to get them to sit on her when she wants them to, which rarely happens because they have minds of their own.

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