Middle School Cross Country “Strides” to Stay Fit Over Break


Runners, Kenzie Knippers and Alexis VandeMore, run to Pecos Park for a warm-up. The team ran a total of 4 miles that practice. Photo Courtesy of Erica Kendree, © 2013.

Erica Kendree, Columnist

With a meet at the end of winter break, the  middle school cross country team has to stay healthy and fit even if that means running every day during break. Over break, we stuff our stomachs with food and sleep far more than we should. Winter break is also a time where many people don’t exercise. The coach, Mrs. Owes, makes sure the athletes have the same or improved endurance before break starts. She created a schedule for almost every day of winter break. The team will practice together the last week of their break at the regular time, which is 2:45-3:45. The various activities that the athletes have to do on their own relate to the exercises they have to do in practice. With the schedule in hand, the athletes will sure keep busy over the holiday season.


During practice the team participates in activities such as circuits, long distance, sprinting, hills, and leg workouts. Mrs. Owes expects the athletes to carry on with running outside of school. Even if athletes are traveling for break, they should try to run as much as possible. Seventh grader Gabby Castronova stated, ”I am going to try to practice as much as I can over break so I stay fit and improve my endurance.”


The cross country team has a meet on January 9th, which is over break. The runners realize that if they don’t practice over break it might affect their two mile time. The athletes understand that their individual time affects the team’s ranking. Castronova said, “I want to be ready to compete in a race on January 9th. I personally think our team will do great!”