Erica Kendree

Erica Kendree, Columnist

Erica Kendree is in 8th grade and is attending Horizon Community Learning Center. This is her 1st year at HCLC. Last year she attended Gethsemane Lutheran School and has been there since preschool. She really liked it there but her parents decided to switch schools because Gethsemane wasn't offering her anything academically or sports wise. Erica found out about Horizon because her sister, Amy, goes there. Amy has been going their since 6th grade and is currently an 8th grader.

One of her major hobbies is sports. At her old school she participated in volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country, and track. This year at HCLC Erica plans on participating in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Outside of school she is on a volleyball team for East Valley Juniors.  This will be her 2nd year with that club and is really excited to start up again in November. Erica enjoys volleyball a lot and plans on to continue playing it in the future.

For one of Erica's electives she chose Journalism. She chose it because she wanted to improve in her writing and photography skills. Erica is not that great at writing and thought it would be a good opportunity for her. She is in Journalism 1-2 and currently a columnist. Erica looks forward to improving her journalism skills.

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