A “Nail Biter” of a Game

Erica Kendree, Columnist

On March 31, the Boys’ B team had a home game against Bethany. As the time neared 4pm, the team started warming up with a routine consisting of layups, jump shots, free throws, and passing. The gym was filled with people; cheerleaders and fans were yelling, wishing luck to the players.

Initially, Horizon Honors gained possession of the ball, but they failed to score. For a while after that it was mostly the ball moving back-and-forth within the teams. Eventually, Bethany scored a two-point shot as the first score of the game. Soon after, Horizon Honors followed by scoring a basket, which made the crowd go wild.

The Eagles were behind at halftime, but that didn’t discourage them. They came out strong and were catching up to Bethany Christian every play. Eighth grader Luke Butler, jammed his finger while defending a player and was out for the rest of the game, but the team kept fighting regardless of the injury.

As the game was nearing its end, the scores were coming closer together. With only a couple minutes left, Bethany and Horizon Honors were tied. With only five seconds left, a Bethany player shot the ball, winning the game 34-31.

The Eagles fought their way through the game and never gave up. Team manager, eighth grader Matt Butler stated, “It was a real nail biter but overall it was a great game to watch.” The team is now 0-3 but they aren’t discouraged one bit. The team still has high hopes for the games ahead.