Thursday at the Foothills Golf Club

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

Last Thursday, April 17, the Horizon Honors golf team showed up at the Foothills Golf Club for a 3 o’clock match. According to the golf coach, Nate Agostini, the boys did especially well at the match. Both Senior Chris Senna and Sophomore Dalton Steenson qualified for state. Agostini said, “I am proud of how the boys did, and very pleased that both Dalton and Chris qualified.” So far the boys have won two out of the four matches they have participated in, making this win very important to them.

Agostini is looking forward to the rest of the season, and has high hopes for his boys. “I would like the rest of the team to qualify for state too, and for the team to keep improving,” said Agostini “I want the team to do well at future matches.” Agostini also mentioned how happy he is with how the boys have done this season. The next match will be April 23 at the Foothills Golf Club, where they hope to further improve.