Horizon Honors’ own baseball coach, Bill Moore, is taking the team – and its members – to new heights.

Cooper Brown, Columnist

Historically, baseball at Horizon Honors hasn’t been as spectacular as most would’ve liked it to be. Playoff appearances are virtually unheard of, and we don’t exactly have the reputation as a powerhouse in any facet of our athletic programs. However, there are rumblings; a disturbance in the force. Horizon Honors may finally be emerging out of the shadows of Division III baseball. This last season, the baseball team has had the most wins in our school’s history. This is a drastic change in success, considering we moved into a section that was much more difficult than the previous. While the addition of the new coach Brad Downes was crucial, one man in particular can claim responsibility for the increase of talent in the baseball program. His name is Bill Moore.

Moore may appear to look more like a Walmart greeter than a baseball coach, but even at the tender age of 70, don’t you dare judge this dusty book by his cover. Moore has been involved in baseball since he could swing a bat. Growing up in Southern Phoenix, he started with American Legion baseball and, at 16, was taking hacks in Pro Mexican League games. In high school, he shined but, due to his size, never made it past Junior College Baseball. That was when he made a decision to start coaching. Around this time, he invented his catchphrase, which, if you spend more than five minutes with him on a baseball field you are bound to hear. Many a young baseball player has heard the cry of “HEYAAA!” among other phrases. One of the more notable young men to have heard this was Paul Konerko at the age of 15. Konerko recently retired from a long, influential career with the Chicago White Sox.

This man, who has spent the last few decades coaching Independent League Baseball, takes time off between seasons to coach even more young men. Luckily for our program, several of our varsity starters are a part of his team. The practice and hard work our athletes put in with Moore has greatly improved our playing abilities and has boosted our program to a level we haven’t experienced before. Not only has he had an effect on our playing careers, but also in our daily routine. Moore was in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and his experiences have taught him discipline and accountability. Bill Moore is not only helping Horizon Honor’s athletics, he is shaping the lives of young men, benefitting them as they move on to college and into the rest of their lives.