Lady Eagles Show HH Values on Court

At a home game against rival Valley Christian, Horizon Honors’ JV girls’ team showed what it meant to be an Eagle. Even when the going got tough, the ladies exhibited teamwork, leadership, and admirable sportsmanship.

Horizon Honors’ JV Girls Basketball was in it to win it against Valley Christian on Tuesday, January 27,at 3 p.m., and intensity was high from both teams. In the first quarter, freshman Kenzie Knippers took a charge, but fell short. After two quick rebounds from sophomore Lauren Roberts, sophomore Camryn Lopez capitalized for the basket. However, Valley continued to keep the pressure on the Lady Eagles and closed the quarter with a 15-point lead.

Horizon Honors’ girls began the second quarter with a successful drive by freshman Addie Martin.  Lopez had some notable defense and worked hard for rebounds, finally landing a basket. With less than a minute to go in the second, Martin was fouled and brought the points to 5.  Valley had answers for every move by the girls, bringing the halftime score to 5-41.

In the third, the ladies worked tirelessly to rebound, drive, and defend, and the perseverance paid off for Knippers who scored the only two Eagle points in the quarter.  But pressure was in full swing, and Valley meant business, closing the quarter with a lead of 51 points.

The final quarter was more of the same, but this is where the hearts of Horizon Horizon really showed.  The girls did not give up, and neither did the fans.  Every move was supported by applause, shouts, and even chants.  Although the final score was 7-71, the Lady Eagles should be applauded for their incredible sportsmanship and teamwork. When asked to reflect on the final score, Knippers explained, “[It] doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says, we are all winners in our hearts!”