Fill Those Lockers for JV Soccer

Trying out for sports can be intimidating, but the Junior Varsity soccer team is the perfect opportunity to test your skills.

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

The Horizon Honors High School soccer team has recently added a Junior Varsity team, new to the scene. This is a great option for students new to high school, or even just a year in. Feeling pressured to impress older students can negatively affect your gameplay when performing. To keep the recently-added program, we need as many students as possible to try out for the Horizon JV and Varsity soccer teams.

Tryouts begin Monday, and extend to Friday, Oct. 29. All students who submit the required paperwork and their physical forms are welcome. The paperwork can be found by visiting Coach Andrews, where he will print off the required papers. Please come prepared with appropriate attire; soccer cleats and athletic clothing is highly encouraged. As an additional activity, people who attend tryouts and pay the $150 fee will be able to attend the Benson Soccer Camp from Nov. 7-10. Working with friends and fellow players to progress your skills during camp will be a great way to feel more comfortable and have a great time playing the sport you love.