Max Larsen

Max Larsen, Sports Editor

Max Larsen is the Sports Editor for The Horizon Sun. This is his fifth year in Journalism, and his third year as an editor. Larsen is excited to be a senior at Horizon Honors, and looks forward to graduation. Larsen is very athletic, playing on multiple sports teams, and excelling the most at soccer. His hobbies include working out, playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, girlfriend, teammates, and playing Clash Royale. Writing isn’t a hobby of Larsen’s; however, he enjoys and excels in being an editor for Mrs. Britt, as well as helping other students learn and become better writers themselves. Larsen returns to Journalism every year because of how welcoming the class is. Journalism is a wonderful class in which students with all personalities can feel welcomed and at home. Larsen is proud to display his academic excellence, and his work ethic both inside and outside of school. He is currently an employee at Tillys, and has worked there for over a year. After high school, Larsen looks to become a nurse, and is currently leaning towards attending NAU. Larsen is all around a very happy, funny, and engaging student, and is excited to be an editor for The Horizon Sun again this year.

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