Devon Urquiza

Devon Urquiza, Columist

Devon Urquiza is a 1-2 columnist in Horizon Journalism. This is her first year at Horizon as she just moved here from Centennial. She likes to write but has never been in a writing class before. As this is Devon's first time in a Journalism class, she isn't sure  about sharing her work.  Still she wants to be in Journalism to improve in writing and organization. and  One thing she is looking forward to is taking photos around campus and at school events. She is excited about showing that she can do well at her new school.

During her free time, Devon likes to draw, read, and listen to music. Devon really loves growing things and going to museums. Her favorite museum is the Phoenix Art Museum.  She lives with her mom, dad and little brother.  When Devon grows up she would like to be an artist or a botanist because drawing and growing plants is interesting to her.

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