Partying Middle School Style

Kamryn Chan and Devon Urquiza

It’s almost time for the school year to end but the Horizon middle schoolers have another reason to be celebrating, the field trip to Pecos Park! Middle school students will be spending the day at Pecos Park Pool as an end of the year field trip. With three weeks left of school and finals right around the corner, it’s a good time for students to relax at pool, right before a three day weekend.

This annual fun-filled trip will happen on May 23 from 11 a.m. – 2:15 p.m., following the final competition of Battle of the Books. Permission slips are due by May 16 at 3:45 to the middle school’s science teachers. (Eighth graders to Pam Wagner, and seventh graders to Lisa DiChiara.)

The pool has been rented out for the students, so they can swim in the pool before it opens to the public. In case anyone gets hungry, the school is providing food. And students don’t have worry about the school lunch they paid for, as it will be delivered to them before the students leave campus.

There are a couple requirements to go to the pool party, especially regarding the dress code. Students must have shoes and a cover up to get to the park, which will be a half a mile walk. Girls are allowed to wear bikinis, but only with a dark tank top. Boys are not permitted to wear speedos, only swim trunks or board shorts. Everyone, whether they are going to the party or not, is required to turn in a permission slip to determine the amount of food that must be provided. Most students are excited about the upcoming field trip. Eighth grader Alex VandeMore said “ With swimming, friends, and food, there is no way the trip won’t be fun. I mean, who doesn’t love food?”

For the students who aren’t going to the pool party, they will be staying at school. No, they won’t be sitting in class, twiddling their thumbs and being bored. They’ll be watching PG movies in Ms. DiChiara’s room. And if they don’t feel like watching, they can hangout and talk with their friends in Mrs. Wagner’s room next door. All the while the stay-at-school students can snack on food provided by the teachers as part of their “field trip”. Eighth grader Anyada Prapha-Phatana was one of the students who decided not to go. She thinks that movies and snacks are equally as fun as a trip to the pool, and the lack of classes is definitely appreciated by all. She said,” No class is fun in general.” Even if her friends were going on the field trip she wouldn’t go. “They wouldn’t want to hang out with you if you can’t swim or don’t want to.” She chose to stay home to avoid the pesky bugs. So no matter what the student chooses, everyone will have fun provided on this exciting day. The middle school students are ready to have some fun in the sun!

For more information, contact Susan Holweger, Laura Owes, or Pam Wagner.