AJ Freithoffer
AJ Freithoffer is a senior at Horizon Honors who is enjoying his fourth year of Journalism as the sports editor. He first took this class because he wants to pursue a career in sports journalism, something he has been interested in since he was young. He wants to attend the Walter Cronkite ASU Campus for his college years. Freithoffer has attended Horizon Honors for ten years. After attending in kindergarten and first grade, Freithoffer left and re-enrolled in the fifth grade. Freithoffer enjoys hanging out with friends and his girlfriend, working out, and playing soccer. Freithoffer has participated in four years of recreational soccer, and club soccer for eight. He loves to travel and explore new places. His favorite place to travel is California. He also enjoys spending time with his family and his two dogs, Lena and Baxter. 


AJ Freithoffer, Managing Editor, Sports Editor

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