Manu Kondapi
Manu, a senior at Horizon Honors High School, is a first-year journalism student. As an avid reader and writer, she is excited to be a part of the journalism program this year. She became interested after experiencing Barrett's specialty course- The Human Event-during a summer program at Arizona State University. Manu has been told on several occasions that she talks quite a bit and she feels that this can be incorporated seamlessly into her role as Campus Life Editor- combining social interaction with writing to keep students updated on events and occurrences around school.

When she isn't at school, Manu interns for the SCENE Research Program at Arizona State University, volunteers at the Chandler Regional Medical Center in the Medical Surgery department, and helps out on the Teen Advisory Council at the Sunset Library. Manu adores music- she has sung Indian Classical Vocal for the past 13 years, plays the violin, and has dallied with the harmonium. She is an avid traveler and runs a blog to share her adventures abroad. Manu is unsure of her career path, but she plans to pursue a double major in general engineering and mathematics. She is extremely interested in international relations and diplomacy and hopes to incorporate these into her studies- whether as a minor or a separate concentration.

Manu Kondapi, Campus Life Editor

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