Maggie Kenzler

Maggie Kenzler, Columnist

Maggie Kenzler came to Horizon Honors for her sixth grade year.  She chose choir as her specials class, and enjoyed it a lot.  Her first year at Horizon Honors was great, and she made very nice friends.  Maggie was also in writing club, which was a great experience.  Later, in seventh grade, Kenzler won a writing contest for a youth church event.  She was in Dolce Voce choir for her first year in middle school and made it into in Bella Voce for her eighth grade year.  Also, in her eighth grade year, she decided to take journalism, because she loves to write.  Lastly, Maggie enjoys learning new and interesting things at Horizon Honors.

Aside from school, Maggie Kenzler takes part in many fun activities and sports.  She attends Wednesday church nights for her youth group, which is an encouraging night in her busy week.  She has been ice skating for about seven years, and loves it so much.  Maggie also plays volley ball for the Horizon Honors middle school team and a club team named Club One.  Kenzler has three brothers, two older and one younger.  Her family is very special to her and she loves them very much.  She enjoys playing with her dog, Ellie, swimming and playing board games with her family.  She and her family enjoy serving at Feed My Starving Children, which is a place where people help package food for poor children in various countries.  Overall, Maggie enjoys new experiences that come up in her life.

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