Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Horizon Honors has several fascinating clubs that many students participate in and support.    A club that is very important to Horizon Honors is Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  This club is not only for athletes, but also for students who do not participate in sports.  For students who take advantage of this club, they find encouragement and friendship.

        Senior Connor Pendleton appreciates FCA because a group of students are able to come together and become unified.  Connor co-founded FCA with Matt Richardson, an alumnus of Horizon, after they were motivated by the movie, To Save a Life.

    The students play interactive games, which help them get to know others better that are in the club. They also take time to learn more about Christianity and students can teach various lessons.  Some of the lessons have included love, forgiveness, relationships, and standing out in faith.  FCA is a great place for students at Horizon Honors to reach out to others, come to know Christ, and grow a stronger relationship with him.  Senior Jack Kenzler says, “It is a great atmosphere where students can get to know each other and further their knowledge of God.”

Recently, middle schoolers have been interested in beginning FCA after attending a high school meeting. Next quarter, there will be a chapter of FCA available for middle school.  Middle and high school FCA won’t be combined, but the meetings will be very similar. One teacher sponsors the high school and two teachers will sponsor middle school.  One of the students that are helping to establish this group said that starting FCA for middle school will be very encouraging, a great experience, and a way for young students to reach out to anyone.