IPic: Ultimate Movie Experience

Photo courtesy of iPic Theaters © 2013

Photo courtesy of iPic Theaters © 2013

Hannah McGerty, Columnist

IPic Theatre is the ultimate movie going experience, with everything you could ever imagine included in a high class movie theatre. Although the prices are on the expensive side, the food, customer service and the accommodating luxuries are worth it.

When I first entered the theatre, I was amazed by its elegance. The high ceilings and fancy decor put me in awe as I walked through the hallway to my theatre. Along the way, there were countless paintings that were at least six feet tall and breath taking; the art throughout the building was magnificent. After I sat down, I was immediately surprised that IPic provided a pillow, a blanket, and reclinable seats.

Before the movie started, a waitress handed me a menu with over 20 different gourmet food options and practically every type of candy imaginable. I ended up ordering sour patch kids and some truffle french fries. The truffle fries were the best thing I have ever had. It was as if Gordon Ramsay made them himself, and my sour patch kids were brought to me in a martini glass, which I found delightful.

The lights dimmed in the theatre and the movie started. There were only around 15 seats in the whole theatre, and I wasn’t  worried about having to shush anyone since everyone was busy eating their food quietly. Once the movie was over and the theatre cleared out, I found myself already thinking about going back the next weekend. IPic is truly a fantastic experience that everybody should try once in their lifetime. Overall, I would give IPic theatre 5 stars.