Hannah McGerty

Hannah McGerty, Columnist

Hannah McGerty is currently a  columnist in her first year of Journalism at HCLC. Hannah is an 8th grader and in her 7th year at Horizon. She is taking Journalism because she has always had an interest in writing stories and researching. Hannah also finds an interest in reading, she is in Honors Humanities. It combines some of her favorite academic activities, including reading, writing, and researching.

Hannah really like to play sports and watch Netflix. Some days she will stay inside and eat food while watching movies on her computer. Other days Hannah will go outside and play basketball and ride her bike. Hannah thinks it is too hot in the afternoon to ride her bike for hours like she does in the spring, fall, or winter. She also likes to listen to take pictures with her new Nikon D3200 camera she just bought. She is a very interesting person.

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