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“The Selection” is a story of coming of age, friendship, and identity in a world of challenges and hardships. “The One” will be released on May 6.

Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

America Singer is your typical seventeen year old. No, wait. America Singer is the fortunate one of thirty five girls chosen to enter a competition that winning or losing can change her entire future. The Selection is a tradition in which thirty five girls compete for their entire future – their career, lifestyle, and husband. However, unlike the other girls, America Singer does not want that.

After the third world war, the United States of America changed into the caste-structured Illea. The top two castes – consisting of the royal family, other wealthy members of society, and army officers – benefit greatly from this system and live in luxury while the bottom six barely survive. Frustrations with the lack of the equality from this system and tensions are rising. Hopefully, the Selection will raise the hopes of the citizens of this nation. The chance that one girl, despite barrier, despite caste, may be the next queen of Illea lifts the hopes of everyone except America Singer.

Regardless of her wishes to not be one of the Selected, America Singer is chosen to leave everything behind: her family, friends, and entire lifestyle. However, her arrival to the palace opens her eyes to how some things are not what they seem. Although most of her competitors are as catty and vengeful as she predicted, she finds a friend in one of them in spite of being constantly reminded to despise them as they are nothing more than obstacles toward her prosperous future. The palace is not as much of a prison as it seems. The state of the nation is worse than what the people are told. Perhaps, the prince is not as bad either… America Singer’s humorous and strong narration of this appearingly idyllic world is refreshing.

“The Selection,” brilliantly penned by Kiera Cass, will draw you into this deceiving utopia, leaving you wanting one more page, one more paragraph, one more sentence, one more word. Identity is emphasized as America explores who she is, who she wants to be, and who she was. Despite a never-ending and nagging feeling of homesickness, America finds true friends for the first time in the palace’s staff, royal family, and fellow competitors. America learns the significance of her choices as she must determine the future for her and its effect on her family, friends, and country. Readers will fall in love with the tasteful voice of Cass, the underlying messages of the trilogy, the intriguing and humorous characters, and thrilling world of ups and downs.

Savor the lyrical writing of the Selection trilogy: “The Selection,” “The Elite,” and “The One,” due for release on May 10.