Kelleigh Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Kelleigh Hogan is a senior at Horizon Honors, starting her fourth year at Horizon Honors and as a part of its journalism program. It is that journalism program that she is especially grateful for since it has improved her confidence and writing dramatically. She has occupied the roles of columnist and Editor of Sports and Student Life before assuming the role of Editor-in-Chief last year. In continuing her work as Editor-in-Chief for a second year, she hopes to help her peers improve their writing and photography abilities while improving her own. She is also excited to apply what she has learned from the Summer Journalism Institute at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Outside of Journalism, Hogan is involved in numerous activities, including clubs, volunteer work, and other activities. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Model Dress Club, Art Club, Pre-Med Hairbro Club, Protecting Our Environment Club, and HeforShe Club. She volunteers with several different organizations, including various challenger programs for Little League (which helps special needs students) and completing office work for a variety of charities. She can also be found playing tennis, spending time with her friends and family, and working on her art portfolio. As she has reiterated every year, Hogan has high hopes of the upcoming year.

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