Senior Send-Off: The Deitchmaster

Ryan Deitchman, a photo editor of The Sun, is graduating on Tuesday, May 26.

Ryan Deitchman, Editor, Photography

The day has come, oh how it has flown.

13 years on the Horizon,

on the back of an eagle soaring through the sky.

I made this place my own.

Through the years friends are arriving,

but at the same time you see everyone and everything saying bye.


This place has grown and so have I.

Though my my classes were hard,

I did have my fun.


My favorite class, I now leave behind.

Photography, Yearbook, Journalism and Graphic Design.

I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun.

Until these classes I was blind.

When in these classes I did shine.

Though this chapter of my life ends, I have begun.


Begun anew! My time is not yet over.

But even as I start this new chapter, I will remember.

All the people who have helped me along.


To Mrs. Britt, my favorite teacher,

you’ve helped me through so much,

I cannot begin to describe how.

You are quite the double feature.

The memories you have given me I now clutch.

So Britt stand up and give a bow,


‘Cause you are the best, and make quite a show.

And even when I am long past gone,

Those memories will stay close to my heart.


As I go on I will always look back,

On my friends who soared along with me.

My friends were there through thick and thin,

Now I stand beside them dressed in black

Soon we will be released into the sea,

To go off on our own and win.


Just remember to look back upon,

What you did in the past,

‘Cause if you apply your mistakes, you can learn.


I have made my mistakes,

And I don’t regret,

Because those mistakes make me.

Even when things get bad I will not flake.

But when things get hard you can bet,

That nothing will stop me from being free.


When things get tough,

You can’t stay silent,

Instead take a stand.


My advice to all is,

You can’t let people walk over you.

Or tell you what to do.

Life is a quiz,

And you need to have a clue.

Also, you have to be true.


High school is an opportunity,

And you have the chance

To make it what you want.


Never stay on the sidelines,

‘Cause you’ll miss the goals

That others achieve.

Just look at all the signs.

If you look around, you see holes,

And you can’t just grieve.


Make high school special,

‘Cause this is happens,

Only once.


So when things get hard,

Bulk up and take life as it is,

‘Cause you’re the only one,

Who will guard.

So be a great wiz.

And be the one who won.


So I must send off,

And even though I move on,

So will you.


Soon you’ll will be too,

And you will write your own.

So don’t be blue,

Set yourself in stone.