7 Things to Do Before You Claim You’re Bored in Scholastic Lab

With finals coming up, Horizon Honors’ students don’t have much homework, so scholastic lab time can be a bit difficult to fill up with activities. Here’s some tips on how to use the full potential of scholastic lab these next few days.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

An hour and a half of free time this week. Most teachers won’t have any homework to give out. You may not have any homework to do, or finished everything you really need to do. Many students think that now the next 45 minutes will just be free time. With this list, however, scholastic lab can still be incredibly useful, even though you don’t have any homework to do.


Although studying may not be the most fun thing to do, those finals are a big part of your grade. It can be the balance between passing or failing a class. Keeping your mind sharp and memorizing those types of rocks for science can really help you get a good grade. Flashcards, studying with a neighbor, filling out a graph or paper – save yourself from failing a test and study.

Finishing Final Projects

Some classes, instead of having you take a test, actually require you to create something. And, since you have an open chunk of time, with probably little else to do, why not finish up that group presentation or add more to your final project to get that A?


Reading is a great way to pass time and expand your imagination. Maybe you’re Humanities or English class has one more literature book to read as well. It’d be a great idea to finish that up and work on any additional paperwork that is required. Also, if you don’t have any mandatory books to read, we have an entire library dedicated to novels that you can check out and look through. Reading helps improve your writing, and depending on the genre selected, it can help develop other skills as well.

Write Something

Although this might not be a favorite for everyone, writing can really make time fly by. Maybe write something about your favorite character. Develop your own, unique world. Create your own species. Explain your day in an elaborate and exaggerated way. Writing something in your free time can always help you when you need to do papers for class. Even though the school year is ending, most students still have next year to learn. Multiple classes do have writing finals as well. This can be an effective practice method to help you do your best on that test.

Magnify the Universe

Lots of websites have programs where you can look at everything in the universe, to scale. From the size of quantum foam to the size of the visible universe, it has tons of entered items, with gifs and images. It’s a really interesting way to spend time, and you’re learning things. The link below also includes some information on the objects listed, so there’s more to learn about science, space, and other tidbits of knowledge. Want to see proof that the largest bacteria we know of is the width of a human hair, and visible to the naked eye? Although you might not have computers in Scholastic Lab some weeks, you can still check the program out over summer at http://htwins.net/scale2/

Actually Do Your Homework

Scholastic Lab is a thing designed to help you get ahead with your classes, not fail anything, and learn information. Doing your homework will definitely help that. Taking out your notes and working on that worksheet for math is super important to getting a good grade. Just do your homework, either for over summer or for the class you just had. Do the hard work first, so the rest of your homework goes by quickly. And the teachers and other students in the class can help you, if you’re having trouble with a question.

Talk to Someone

The last idea on this list is to talk to somebody. Maybe there’s a friend in your class, and you’re both done with homework. Maybe you’re too emotionally destroyed over the book you were reading to continue. Talk to someone, find some common interests, and spend your last Scholastic Lab with human contact. The person you’re talking to can also help with a group project, or, as aforementioned, you can tag team and finish that homework with a second opinion on your answers.

So, even with finals just around the corner, there are  tons of things to do during that long block of time. Have some fun, play some games, explore your imagination or the internet, and enjoy your summer. See you next year, Horizon Honors!