Student Council Is Leading the Way

Horizon Honors’ new high school Student Council reveal their ideas and plans for the upcoming school year.

Bry Holguin, Columnist

Student Council is a hard task to tackle, but luckily, Horizon Honors has a group of students who are up for the challenge. They’re determined to make a change in the school and will be sure that every voice is heard. Each newly-elected leader shared their ideas, their thoughts, and the changes that they hope to see happen next year.

The Horizon Sun:  What made you want to run for Student Council?

Our new Student Body President Rex Bartlett shares his plans for the upcoming year: I’ve always wanted to help lead the school and I thought that the best way to do that is through becoming Student Body President.

Vice President Karolina Grgurovic is eager to start the new year, and can’t wait to represent her fellow students: All the way back in 5-6 I realized that I had a passion to lead. I have goals and a voice and I wanted to be a part of something that could represent that. So I found my home in student council, a place where I truly belonged. I could represent my student body and be the one to take charge and make a difference. I fell in love with it and have done it every year since then. It’s a part of me and what I look forward to every year. Furthermore, in 8th grade I was Vice President of our Middle School student Council, and as being an upperclassmen next year, I felt that it was time to take on a more prominent role.

Communications Director Joli Sadler is the first to uphold this position, and is excited for what’s to come: I ran for communication director because I was interested in what the job entails and it’s also a new position, so I wanted to try it out.

Senior Class President Noah Weiss is ready for next year, and and is committed to voicing every student’s ideas: I ran for Senior Class President because I wanted to be able to share the voice of my class and make it as much of a memorable experience as possible for everyone.

Junior Class President Cali Lientz can’t wait to bring her new ideas to the table, and is looking forward to what will happen in the near school year: I wanted to run for the Junior class president so I could have more responsibility by being on the executive board and setting up/running the Junior meetings next year.

Our new Sophomore Class representative Nik Dave has a desire to make an impact on everyone, and will be sure that everyone has a voice in the school: I ran because I wanted to have a greater impact on our society. I also wanted to be able to share the voice of every single student in my class.

The Sun: What is your previous experience with Student Council?

RB: I’ve been in student council since 4th grade and I love to be a part of it.

KG: Student council has been a part of my life since intermediate school. Every year since then I have been in student council. Additionally, in 8th grade I was Vice President for our middle school student council as well.

JS: This is my second year in Student Council. Last year I was the sophomore representative.

NW: I have had experience before. I was apart of Student Council in 5, 8, 10, and 11 grade.

CL: Yes, I have been a part of student council for five years. I was the president in 6th grade, the artistic director for my sophomore year, and a representative for the rest.

ND: I was in Student Council last year as well as in fifth and sixth grade.

The Sun: Were there any worries you had going into the election?

RB: I ran unopposed, so I wasn’t worried for myself and I knew that whoever won would be a good choice for the other positions, so I wasn’t worried about them either.

KG: As for every election, there are always jitters that naturally come with it. Although I tried my best to keep a positive perspective and do all that I could do, which was trying my best and hoping for the best.

JS: I was running unopposed, so I didn’t really have any worries.

NW: I was nervous about my video.  It wasn’t working so I had to publish it on to YouTube to make sure it would work.  I was also worried that Leah would beat me.  She was a great candidate would have made a great President.

CL: Not really, I got tired of stressing out for the past five years during election time so this time I decided to just relax and see how it goes.

ND: I had no worries since nobody was running against me.

The Sun:  How much work did you put into towards getting this position?

RB: I put in a lot of work throughout my time in student council to be the best I could for this position when it became open to me.

KG: There was a plentiful amount of work and effort that was put forth in this election. The video itself took three full days, making sure to have everything the way I envision took time. Although it’s stressful, it’s a sort of stress I crave because once all the posters, videos, and campaigning is done it’s truly satisfying. You can take pride in your work and have your hard work pay off.

JS: To get this position, I had to create a video, write a small essay, get 25 signatures and two letters of recommendations. All the work was worth it though because student council is a blast!

NW: There was actually a lot of work that I had to do. I needed to fill out the application.  I needed two references, and write an essay.  I needed at least 25 signatures from people in my class, and three teacher signatures.  Then I had to make my video and my posters.

CL: I had to fill out an application, make a video, and make posters to run. I do feel like all the work that my peers have seen me do on the council for the past few years is what got me the position.

ND: It did not require too much work, but I have always been looking for ways for me to improve myself over the years, and this always helps for leadership positions.

The Sun: What are you looking forward to most that you’re now in Student Council?

RB: I can’t wait to lead the pep rallies and run this school in a whole new way.

KG: Being informed about the changes that are being implemented in next year’s council, and now earning the chance to take charge and lead. I am entirely committed and determined to execute this position as Student Body Vice President to the best of my abilities

JS: I am really looking forward to this position because I am part of the executive board and I am excited to have more of a role in making Horizon a better environment!

NW: I’m looking forward to being able to listen to what the Senior Class and what they want in their school.  I am hoping that I will be able to make everybody happy.

CL: I am looking forward to all of the ways that stucco is changing and all the new things that we get to be in charge of next year.

ND: I’m looking forward to making everyone’s voice heard and everyone’s opinion heard. I am also looking forward to being able to lead by example.

The Sun: How will you make a difference in Student Council?

RB: I’ll represent the student body and make sure that everyone has their own voice in the school.

KG: I desire to bring more school spirit in our school, to bring more student involvement within our community, to represent the student body and my school, and most importantly, to make next year reach it’s greatest potential that I know it can.

JS: I will make a difference by being a voice for the student body. I will talk to my fellow classmates and get their point of view on certain things and I will tell the student council so we can make a change!

NW: I’d like to think that I’d make a difference by truly listening to everyone and what they have to say.

CL: I will make a difference in student council by using my creative mind to think of themes for dances, spirit days, etc. Also, I will be representing the juniors, so my job will be to get input from the Junior council or even the junior class and share that Information with the executive board.

ND:  I will make a difference by contributing with my ideas as well as the ones of my classmates. In addition, I also bring my outgoing and enthusiastic personality to the table which should help with making there be more school spirit at Horizon!

The Sun: Are there any changes you’d like to see in the school?

RB: I am pretty content with how the school is right now and am happy with what is going to happen.

KG: If there are any changes I’d like to see in our school it would be to increase the overall school spirit within our student body. I would enjoy to bring more student involvement in our community. As well as fulfilling all the students wants and needs and making sure all the dances encompass all they could wish for.

JS: One of the biggest changes I wish to see next year is everyone having more school spirit. I want everyone to get involved more and actually want to come to school.

NW: As of right now I can’t think of any changes, however next year there are a couple of surprises that I think a lot of people will be really excited about.

CL: There are changes that I would like to see and it’s so great that I am seeing many of those changes actually taking place for next year, I am very excited for the rest of the student body to find out.

ND: The biggest change I want to see (which I know is achievable with the enthusiasm of our Student Council Executive Board) is more school spirit throughout the school!

As we can see, each member has only the best interests in mind. You can count on seeing more school spirit and creative ideas in the near future.

Note: Junior Haley Glew was elected as secretary but could not be reached for comment.