Biohacking for Dummies

“Biohacking” is a relatively a new project that could to lead to major changes in our everyday lifestyle.

AJ Green, Columnist

Biohacking is most commonly referred to as DIY biology. “Bio Hackers” genetically ‘play’ with genes to modify a healthier lifestyle and strict diet. The process takes place in small labs, where a variety of people come together and explore the wonders of biology. During that time, people create hacks that could lead to new discoveries. This means discovering how the DNA in plants affect growth or how to exploit genes from another source to create glow-in-the-dark plants.

One of the world’s top biohackers, Jolly, is a ‘nomadic’ or traveling bio-hacker and is quantified as a ‘self-nerd’. He is an advisor to ‘MetaMed,’ a medical start-up that promotes in-depth research to optimize health on a unique client’s situation. Jolly says his best bio-hacks are, “a low carb diet”; “intermittent fasting” (meaning, an eating pattern in where you cycle between periods…); and “Vitamin D and fish oil.”

Here is a look at four of the most astonishing health and fitness hacks obtaining steam among self-experimenting biology in the community, thanks to Hack Your Health and Powerful Nonsense.

‘Do Creativity Drills’

This biohack is meant for entrepreneurs, students, and teachers, but still could be useful to others. It is a way of working your ‘creativity muscle.’

Grab a piece of paper, and try to write down ideas on any subject and add five more each day. Before long you will be an automated idea generator, which can be useful for projects, or maybe even an article idea like this one.

‘Offer Free Hugs’

Hugging releases oxytocin, a hormone that does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others. Hugging also increases the division in hormones that fight off infections. If you think about it, you’re giving your immune system a boost, considering you feel too good and healthy to get sick.

Headstands Are The Best

This one may sound difficult, but it still is a very effective technique. Headstands increase blood supply and energize the pituitary and pineal glands located in the brain since the glands that are responsible for growth and reproduction hormones. Our growth, health and dynamism rely on the proper functioning of these two glands that manage the chemical stability of the body.

Eat A Teaspoon of Raw Honey Before Bed’

Your brain uses a great deal of energy while you’re asleep. A resourceful form of energy for the brain comes from sugar stored in the liver, called glycogen. Your brain hits your liver glycogen before your muscle glycogen (sugar stored in muscles.), so some extra sugar before bed can help your brain function better a night.