Wind Ensemble and Concert Band Stuns

Concerts at Horizon Honors are always sure to impress, and Wind Ensemble and Concert Band did not disappoint.

Addy Bennett, Editor-in-Chief

On Nov. 19 at 6 p.m., Wind Ensemble began their band concert to showcase the four songs they had been learning throughout the second quarter. They kicked it off with the lively and energetic “Tambora!” to provide an exciting basis for the rest of the performance.

Up next was “Aztalan (City of Mystery),” which certainly conveyed something hidden. Its eerie feel was impressive and interesting to listen to. “Olympic Spirit (March)” was full of drive, and it’s strong drumbeat and loud dynamics helped to inspire some of that Olympic feeling. Then they closed with “In Darkest Night,” which was an thrilling song to end their performance with.

Concert Band started off with the fairly self-explanatory “Aggressivo,” and created an atmosphere of power and purpose. Brian Murphy, the band director, then set up the scene for “El Matador” which was a piece that was fun to envision. “Garden of the Black Rose” was played next, and its beauty was apparent. Next, Murphy chose a tune that is familiar to many: “Sabre Dance.” The band played wonderfully well and then closed the performance with Danny Elfman’s “The Batman Theme.” This, of course, gave them a very strong finish.

Congratulations to all musicians in Wind Ensemble and Concert Band for a beautiful night of music! Be sure to catch these two groups at their next concert.