Life’s a Journey

Traveling to new places is fun, and seeing what other places look like and how others live is an amazing experience.

Viviana Padilla, Columnist

When you are sitting at home with nothing to do, try to go see new places. It is great seeing new places that you have never seen. I have traveled with my family to many different states. The experience was amazing, but one of the best parts was being able to see the different lifestyles that came with these places.

Before I started traveling, I thought all the states and the people there were the same. Each state that I have been to is different from the other; you are able to see things you have never seen before. People probably think they want to travel to a different country other than a state, but the experience is just as wonderful. Not to mention that you’ll always have plenty of memories to look back on and talk about.

All the states differ from each other, the landscapes are all unique in their own ways. I have been to California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee. Some places are hotter than others and some are cooler. They are all very unique in their own way, the landscapes include amazing mountains, flatlands, deserts, and even the ocean. Once you see these places you will want to go see more; you might even want to move to the place that you go see. Seeing these places will change your view on things.

Every place has its own way of living and doing things. People really are different in various places, they can be happy or the mean, grumpy kind. In some of the states that I have been to, when you ask someone for help or directions, they just walk away, as I found in Alabama. Yet, in most of the states that I have been to, the people are extremely nice. Some people are just weird, like in Nevada, most people are individuals who feel free to do their own thing. People from different states have accents, which is contrary to when I thought that everyone in the United States spoke the same English. All these places surprise me each time I go to go see a new one.

If you have nothing planned or just have nothing to do, go travel to the different states. It is quite an adventure to experience, take a journey and you might just like it. Have fun and go see how others’ lifestyles are compared to yours.