Eagles Lose to Bears

Horizon Honors’ JV boys compete against Coolidge and lose to the opposing team.

Selina Fluty, Editor of Student Opinion

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 4 p.m., Horizon Honors’ JV boys competed against Coolidge High School. The decently-sized crowd waited eagerly for the game to start, and several students in the crowd shout encouragement before the game even started.

The game got off to a heated start, with Horizon Honors shooting a three-pointer within the first few moments of the game. The crowd, evenly filled with Coolidge supporters and Horizon Honors fans, were excited and continued to cheer on our team. After the ball went out of bounds on Coolidge, we gained another point, and a free throw by freshman Cameron Taradash gave Horizon Honors one more point.

By the end of the first quarter, the score was 9-11 with Coolidge in the lead from a few three-point shots, and right at the start of the second quarter, Horizon Honors scored two more points, with Coolidge ineffectively trying to defend. Despite their defense, we still scored four points. With a foul on Horizon Honors, Coolidge shot 2 points on the free throw.

Soon after, a member of the Coolidge team ended up landing hard and causing injury to his shoulder. Due to the circumstances around the foul, the boy couldn’t be moved, and the game paused until the boy was safely off the court and his shoulder was okay. Because the pause took a while, the students on both teams warmed up again, so they could get back into the spirit of the game.

By the end of the second quarter, with all students playing hard and scoring basket after basket, the score is tied 30-30. Half time consisted of the girls’ basketball teams warming up for a few minutes, then the game was back on.

Coolidge scored a few points on us, and the win was leaning toward Coolidge, 34-43. Slowly but steadily, however, Horizon Honors gained on them, and soon the score was 48-49. With a free throw and another three-point shot, Horizon Honors pulled ahead, with 52-49. The Horizon Honors’ crowd is excited, yet the team needed to keep it up until the end.

The final quarter seemed to hint that our students were slightly off their game. With a shot from Coolidge, the score is 52-51, Horizon Honors just barely in the lead. The students on the bench appeared to be watching intently, wondering who will win.

Finally, a pass is intercepted, and Coolidge scores more points. As the minutes tick down, the members on the Coolidge team work together and surpassed Horizon Honors students, leaving the final score at 58-64, Coolidge taking home the win. Both teams worked hard, and the JV boys will take home another win at the next game on Dec. 7. So far, the Horizon Honors boys have won one out of three games.