Lady Eagles Fight Hard

The Horizon Honors’ varsity Lady Eagles fought hard at their game against Yuma Catholic but were not able to pull out the win. The final score was close at 42-43, Yuma Catholic.

Ilaria Cobb, Columnist

On Friday, Dec. 11, Horizon Honors played Yuma Catholic at 5:30 p.m. in a close and exciting game.

Horizon Honors Lady Eagles had a rough first two quarters. During the first quarter Yuma Catholic had a scored 14 points, while Horizon Honors had scored nine. Similarly, in the second quarter, Yuma Catholic scored a total of 13 points while Horizon Honors scored only seven. The final score after the first two quarters was 27-16 with Yuma Catholic in the lead.

During the third quarter the tables began to turn as the Lady Eagles fought back. Yuma Catholic got the first point. Horizon Honors fought back by scoring a two point shot followed by a three-point shot. A mad scramble for the ball occurred; Horizon Honors missed two shots, and this was followed by a loss of possession. Horizon Honors regained possession and scored, making the final score of the third quarter 23-29. The cheerleaders led a chant while the crowd awaited the rest of the game.

The fourth quarter started with a free throw for Yuma Catholic; both shots were missed. The Lady Eagles gained possession of the ball and made a three point shot. Yuma Catholic was quick to return, and the score became 26-31. A timeout was called followed by a free throw for Yuma Catholic. Horizon Honors quickly adjusted. The Lady Eagles made two three-point shots before Yuma Catholic returned with a two-pointer. Yet another three-point shot was made by Horizon Honors. The score became 34-33, Horizon Honors. Yuma Catholic gained possession and scored a two-point shot. When Horizon Honors next gained possession, we scored a three-point shot. Yuma Catholic tied it up, making the score 37-37. A similar pattern was seen throughout the rest of the game until the last seconds. The score was 39-43 with Yuma Catholic in the lead. Horizon Honors scored a three-pointer in the last second making the game a close one with a score of 42-43 Yuma Catholic.

Our athletes played well and though they may have lost, they kept persevering until the very end and made the game a close one.