Eagles Leave Knights Crestfallen

Horizon Honors’ varsity girls’ basketball won their homecoming game.

Viviana Padilla, Columnist

Horizon Honors varsity girls’ basketball hosted the Tempe Prep Knights on Friday Jan. 22 at 5:30 p.m, rising victorious for their Homecoming game.

Before the first quarter began, the cheerleaders made a tunnel and the first set of players ran out to meet the other team’s coach. The Eagles started off with the ball as the quarter began. As they went down the court, unable to make a shot, the Knights took the rebound. It was rough for the first few minutes as neither team scored, but then the Knights took off with the first point of the game. The Eagles didn’t let that get to them; they got the ball back and went for a three-pointer and made it. The fans roared their support and the game continued. After their first basket, Horizon Honors went on a roll scoring three-pointers. As the game went on, the Knights fouled, giving the Eagles two free throws. With that, the Eagles were in the lead; even though the Knights scored, they couldn’t keep up. The first quarter ended with a score of 25-14 with the Eagles in the lead.

As second quarter started, the Eagles made it with a three-point shot. The Eagles had great defense and did not let the Knights get to the basket. However, as the game went on, the Eagles kept up their defense and offense. Despite the solid performance, the Knights took the rebound and traveled down to score, gaining a foul from Horizon Honors. The Knights received two free shots, but were not able to score. This quarter flew by finishing with the score of 28-16.

When third quarter came, the Eagles were no doubt in the lead. The crowd’s volume increased cheering for Horizon Honors. But still the Knights prevailed, remaining close to the Eagles’ lead. The ball was flying everywhere on the court, going back and forth between both teams. Once again, the Knights fouled, giving the Eagles two more free shots, resulting in more points. The Eagles fouled, too; yet, when the other team was going for the shots, the fans supported the Eagles again by shouting, so the other team would miss. The Eagles made the last shot, ending the quarter with a score of 33-22 with the Horizon Honors’ Eagles in the lead.

The fans’ energy increased even more as the fourth quarter started. They cheered as the ladies were shooting three-pointers; though they missed some, it did not stop them from shooting more three-pointers. It felt like the game would last forever, with both teams scoring many baskets. Fouls went back and forth and though the Knights had a chance to shoot, they did not make all of their free throws. The Eagles were still in the lead, not letting the Knights get ahead of them. The Eagles made sure of that; their offense got was continually improving. A few more great three-pointers were shot, some missed and made. With a few seconds left of the game the Eagles held the ball to let the time run out, ending the game with the score of 44-30 with the Horizon Honors’ Eagles winning.

After another game, the Eagles came away with another win bringing their record to 11 wins to two losses.