Project Group 2.0

For many years, elementary students have enjoyed creating, experimenting, designing, and building things in Project Group, and now middle school students will be given yet another opportunity to learn from this class.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

If you want to further your knowledge and experience through art and science or just have some fun, then you are in luck. The class that many had and loved in elementary school is now back and is integrating into middle school through the club Project Group 2.0. This club will be hosted by Brad Skaggs in room 415. If you are not sure about what it is or if you’ll enjoy it that is not a problem. You are able to try it out just for one day if you want. Everybody is completely welcome into the club.

There will be all sorts of interesting and exciting projects to help you pursue your interests. Skaggs has personally selected a broad range of projects. You could be structuring and testing your very own robotic claw or trying out some 3D printing. For more artistic pursuits you could be testing out some bows and arrows or weaving a basket. All of these things you will be experimenting with to really take your science and art talents to the next level.

Skaggs isn’t the only one who is planning the club, Isabel Andrade-Munoz and Emily Withrow, both in seventh grade, are two people who have also played a huge role in the starting of the club. Andrade says that she really enjoyed and was inspired by all of the different projects that the students did in 5-6. She liked these projects, because they made her more interested in science and art. She is the club co-organizer, meaning that she has the responsibility to begin the club in a successful way. She wants as many people as possible to join so that the club can be a richer learning experience for all of the members.

There will be all sorts of exciting things for you and your friends to do together. Project Group 2.0 is not something that you will want to miss out on. Skaggs says, “For me this is an opportunity to pass on the things I have learned during my life. I look forward to the students who want to take advantage of this and develop their own passions and interests using this time as a springboard to create.” Don’t forget to try it out; you will not regret it.