New Logo, New Mojo

Horizon Honors is getting a new school logo, which was designed by our very own Graphic Design class.

Olivia Doyle, Columnist

Recently, Horizon Honors made a big change by revamping its logo, using compositions by the Horizon Honors Graphic Design students. Graphic Design, taught by Christi Britt, is a course that teaches students to use programs such as Photoshop. They started designing at the end of second quarter and have just finished the new logo. According to freshman Blake Benefiel, they changed it because “the administration wanted a new look for the school.”  

The project started with Britt.  She knew administration was thinking of a redesign, and she also knew that her honors students were the right group for the job. They would send the ideas to Mrs. Fera, who would share them with various members of administration as well as the school board.  “It was hard trying to make it ours and the administration’s, instead of just what we want,” said senior Joshua Davidson. Then they all started sketching and put together everyone’s individual drawings. After that, the administration decided and confirmed which design they liked best, and they started to develop it. It was a great experience for the students. “I think this project made us closer as a class,”said freshman Cat Scolaro, “We got to know each other better than before.”

“Communication was hard. It was a real-life process,” said senior Colin McIilvenna. Zachary Davidson,senior, added, “The project was different than anything we have ever done.” When asked what she learned, senior Marisol-Munoz Andrade said,“I learned a lot about dealing with clients and the community, as well as collaboration.” Benefiel also stated he was “hoping to be able to make new logos for the sports teams, too.”