Senior Sendoff: Joseph Grosjean

Read the senior send-off from our Editor of Photography Joe Grosjean!

Joseph Grosjean, Editor of Photography

Thirteen years. Thirteen years ago I started my education at Horizon Community Learning Center. It has been a fantastic journey full of wonder, excitement, and discovery. Filled with learning, long nights, many textbooks, and amazing teachers. I have learned a lot in this time, everything from MLA format to how to write an anti-derivative equation. This school has been amazing and has taught me a lot. I can honestly say that I am proud to be an eagle.

I would like to thank a few people. Thank you Mr. Bowen (wherever you are) for teaching me about cameras and giving me the confidence that I needed to pursue photography. Thank you Devin Jones for putting up with my first year of photography, I know now that my photos weren’t the best. Thank you Mrs. Britt for advancing my skills, both with people and behind the lens. I will miss you most of all. Thank you Zach Asato for keeping me on my toes and for introducing me to some of the finer points of editing. Thank you Cooper Brown for being such a great guy. Thank you Alexa Geidel for leaving me with advice last year which I have tried to taken to the best of my abilities:

  • Revolutionize the position
  • You have the power to inspire others
  • Prioritize that which you love and loves you
  • Be better than yesterday every day
  • Be honest and be humble

Here is my advice:

  • Capture the good times
  • Develop from the negatives
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Feel the .RAW moments and process your feelings
  • Always have faith
  • Fear Mrs. Britt when you get your photos in late

Thank you for a wonderful high school career. I wish you all the best,

Joseph Grosjean

Editor of Photography