Want to Save a Life? Donate Blood!

Horizon Honors’ Pre-Med Club will host the school’s second blood drive.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

Horizon Honors will be hosting their blood drive on Mon. Nov. 21. It will be held in the multipurpose room from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

People scheduled to donate blood will go to the multipurpose room and check in; walk-ins are welcome, too, but they may be unable to donate blood immediately. They will fill out a questionnaire and be asked questions by the United Blood Service; you can fill out the Fast Track form on the United Blood Service’s website the day that you are donating instead of answering the questionnaire on site. Volunteers will be pricked in order for the iron level of their blood to be tested, and then they’ll wait until it is time to start donating. After they donate, volunteers will be given water and chips by the Pre-Med Club members. Once everything is done, they will be able to leave. This should take around one hour.

Donors should eat a good meal the night before and make sure to eat breakfast Monday morning. Try to eat meals with lots of sodium. Definitely make sure to be hydrated by drinking water. This will help make it go faster and you will feel better after. Furthermore, be sure to have good meals after donating that include iron, sugar, and sodium to compensate for the nutrients lost.

If you wish to donate, you have to meet certain requirements, which are listed thoroughly on the United Blood Services website.

If you want to donate, you can go to bloodhero.com and use the code horizoneagles. In addition to this, you can email Amanda Bors or talk to a member of Pre-Med club. Signing up isn’t required as you can walk in the day of the drive if you wish to donate.

The Horizon Sun: How did last year’s blood drive go?

Amanda Bors: It went really smoothly. I know it was the first year that we had done it here in a long time and based on what they’ve told me it was one of the most successful first time blood drives that they’ve had, so it’s awesome.

The Sun: How do you feel about how the blood drive is going so far?

AB:  It’s going good. I wish we had a couple more donors. We’ve pretty much met our goal. We need a couple more people to do the double red, but otherwise we’re okay. It could be better.

The Sun: What are your expectations for the blood drive?

AB: Hopefully just everything runs smoothly, we meet our goals, and do it again one more time.

Everybody who is able to should donate on Mon. Nov. 21. Taking an hour out of your day could save multiple lives.