Senior Night Honors Soccer Players as Season Comes to a Close

With the girls’ soccer season coming to an end, the seniors of the team reflect on their experiences with soccer and life while also looking forward to what the future has in store for them, whether that includes the sport or not.

Hannah Browning, Campus Life Editor

The Eagles have had a rather rough season where they won three of 12 games, but worked hard to improve, and it showed as the season ended. With a team consisting of mostly underclassmen who were new to the sport, the girls were able to come together and play outstandingly. The seniors enjoyed their last season as a part of the Horizon Honors’ soccer program.

The Horizon Sun: Why did you start playing soccer?  

Lucianne Morin: My dad reffed soccer to make a little bit of extra cash on the side, so when I was a little kid I played soccer and then he would ref some of my games. That’s kind of what got me into it. Then I started playing again for high school just because Leah Skromme was in my Spanish class and she really got me into it.

Victoria Farhar: I started playing soccer my sophomore year because the year before I had only done cross country and then I didn’t do anything else. I kind of felt out of shape when I came back to cross country. I was just like, “You know what? I’m going to do soccer, too, you know, [to] keep myself in shape for a little while longer.” And then after that first season, I realized that I really liked soccer, and so then I was really going to continue it in my junior year and my senior year too.

Zeraie Price: I started playing soccer because of a friend who’s actually on the team. Her name is [senior Maddie Strauch] and she told me to come out because she was playing soccer so I said, “Why not?” because I have never played it before.

The Sun: What is your favorite thing about soccer?

LM: I really like the camaraderie, like the feeling of teamwork that it brings. If there was just one person on the soccer field or if everybody played like an individual, nobody would get anywhere, but we all work together and make the team better.

VF: My favorite thing is playing the game with all the girls on the team and working together. And winning games when we do, and just being able to have that team aspect.

ZP: I think my favorite thing is being on the field and playing with the team having that adrenaline and going for that ball. But for me, since I’m a goalie, blocking the ball and running to get it out. It’s really just nice and also trusting everybody and making sure, “okay you’re going to pass and then score the goal.

The Sun: What do you think of how the season has gone so far?

LM: I think our season has not been the best, but at the same time, almost all of our team is freshmen and sophomores. We [also] have a new coach so it’s kind of understandable and next year we’ll be able to take the losses that we had this season and use them to win next season.

VF: It didn’t go exactly how I planned so far, because in the beginning I actually got injured and I had a hematoma for a while, which is just like a hard clot of blood, so I wasn’t able to play for a while. After a while, it just dissolves into your body cells. I was allowed to play again, and so then it was fun and everything. I was still able [to support the team] when I was injured; I was still able to be a part of the team and go to all the games and still be a leader and be able to help everyone out and give them feedback and whatnot. Then, when I started playing again, it did change a lot and I was able to get more of the playing aspect with everyone and I think the season has actually been great, probably my favorite season so far.

ZP: This season was a struggle because we had new coaches and new people all around. Mostly we had freshmen and sophomores and four seniors so it was going to be like a “transition season,” [as] they call it. So we pretty much had to learn to almost relearn the sport because we have all new people. I mean, getting to have that new knowledge of the sport is how it went. So for the season, I mean, it was a struggle, but we’re doing pretty good right now, so I just hope we can keep it going for the game on Thursday.

The Sun: Do you plan on playing soccer in college?

LM: Probably. I mean, I’m not going for a scholarship or playing on a travel team, but it’s a big part of my life so I’m definitely going to play intramurals.

VF: Not for any college teams; I don’t do club or anything so I haven’t had a bunch of years of club and playing soccer. I’m more doing soccer for the fun of it and for being a part of the team and having the whole high school experience in a team sport.

ZP: I’ve thought about it. I’m not 100% sure, but I want to; we’ll see where it takes me.

The Sun: What will you remember most about Horizon Honors?

LM: Probably, honestly, Mr. Vitagliano. His classes were amazing; I had him the first day that I came to Horizon and I’ve taken one of his classes every single year just because he was such an awesome teacher.

VF: The thing that I will remember the most about Horizon, besides the floorplan -since I’ve been here since I was in kindergarten – is just going to be how nice everyone is compared to other schools and how everyone here is genuinely a great person. You can go up to anyone, and even new students are accepted so quickly into someone’s group; you know, you get involved really quick and there’s no person who’s just sitting there by themselves and has no friends. Like everyone knows everyone, you know, and I think I’m going to remember that.

ZP: Honestly, the people and the teachers. The people here are really good; I’ve made tons of friends just from being here. I never thought in a million years that I would have this kind of community getting to know everybody, so it’s just really nice to have that.

The Sun: What do you think Horizon Honors will remember most about you?

LM: Oh gosh, probably, oh gosh, I don’t even know. I mean, my escapades in science class, I guess I would say. I’ve taken seven science classes. Before they added, like, all the standard AP Bio kind of stuff, I had taken every single science class they offered, so probably that.

VF:  I don’t know, I mean, it depends on who it is who’s remembering me. Like the soccer girls, because I was a senior, they did senior gifts or whatnot, and they did a card. A lot of them were just like “your dance moves” and whatever and you’re funny and whatnot. So I feel like, you know, it depends on who you’re talking to, and you know teachers see you in a different way than students do.

ZP: I have heard that people remember me just because of how genuine I am, and how I really do go out for everybody, even if I don’t know them. Like if I see somebody who’s sitting alone I’m like, “Hey, why don’t you just come sit over here for a day, or if you want to keep sitting here keep sitting here.” Because, you know, I don’t want anybody to feel left out, or not feel welcome, or feel alone. I mean, I have felt that, so I mean I don’t want that for anybody else.

The Sun: What is one thing that you want others to know about you?

LM: I guess about me, I’m friendly. Sometimes I [look annoyed when I’m not], but you could definitely approach me with anything you need. I’m the Key Club president, so if you have any questions about soccer next year, anything about being a senior, hard classes, you know, taking four APs at the same time, I can answer any questions. And I always want to.

VF: Just that I like to help out. Whatever I can do to help I like to do. I like to be able to help, you know, and I like to be a leader too. I mean, I was the captain of the cross country team my sophomore year and on, and then I was captain of the track team my junior year and on, and I was captain of the soccer team this year.

ZP: I don’t really think there is, like, anything much to know. I mean, I do what I have to do, so I just I don’t know. I feel like I don’t really think there’s anything. Anybody who knows me or knows of me knows that I do have a good spirit.

The Sun: Do you know what you will be doing after you graduate from Horizon Honors?

LM: I’m going to college. Right now I’ve been accepted to U-Chicago and I’m waiting to hear back from Boston University, and so it’ll probably be one of those two, or maybe ASU. I’m keeping my options open, but I’m going to be studying biomedical engineering.

VF: After I graduate, I’m going to go to Mesa Community College, get my associate’s, and then transfer to a university, either ASU or NAU, something in-state. And  I’m not exactly sure, like, degree-wise, but you know, that’s alright, it’s like the start. If you go into college knowing what you want to do, so many people change, like, five different times. So I feel like I’m just going to go in undecided and then figure out what I really want to do.

ZP: After I graduate, I plan to go to community college for two years and then hopefully transfer to U of A or NAU, but if that doesn’t work I’m actually working here at Club Horizon, the after school daycare, so I’ll probably just keep doing that. And then I’ll just, you know, see where it takes me, but I’m very into photography and I’m trying to start a business doing that. I mean, I have a page up on Instagram [@_zzxoxophotography] , but I mean I’m just trying to get it out there.

This year soccer had a rough season, but an enjoyable one, and the seniors will remember the time they have spent with this team forever.