Everything is Chrome in the Future: Horizon Honors’ New Chromebooks


Kelleigh Hogan

These Chromebooks are in Mr. Vitagliano’s classroom. Chromebooks will be available for every scholastic lab.

Serge Hattasch, Columnist

Horizon Honors has been planning for a while to give students a 1-to-1 ratio with computers, and that dream is finally being realized. New Google Chromebooks have arrived at school, and are now available for students to use. Kathy Lacey, the school technology assistant, tells us the new Chromebooks will “allow students better access to the Internet and to their files and documents.” The school is also creating new Google accounts for every student in addition to providing everyone with Chromebooks, so there will be a better flow of information between students, teachers, and administrators. One of the most important details about this technology update is that teachers will be able to assign electronic classwork whenever they need to. Since there will be a laptop for every student, teachers will no longer have to battle for the coveted laptops or reserve computers weeks in advance. Lacey says that the school hasn’t ruled on whether or not to let students take the Chromebooks home. For now, it appears that students will only be able to use the new computers during the school day. This technology update is still very exciting for both students and teachers, and hopefully marks the beginning of a new era of connectivity between teachers and students.