Homecoming 2014 Preview


Natori Cruz

Juniors Patrick McPherson, Jonathan Elias, and Charles Jamison sit at the Homecoming ticket table. The tickets were sold at $25 for singles and $40 for couples this week.

Homecoming week is finally here- for those unaware of the connotations involved, homecoming is the time of year where students at Horizon Honors celebrate their school pride, support the basketball teams, and then attend a semiformal dance.

Homecoming will be held in the multi-purpose room from 7pm to 11pm and tickets are on sale for $25 for singles and $40 for couples.

The theme this year is Moonlit Mirage-  Persian Garden Gala. “It will be like a Persian garden theme when you first walk in,” commented high school Student Council Adviser Heather Wallace.

Here are the students nominated for the 2014 Homecoming court:

Freshman –

Prince: Zane Greenwalt, Cameron Noble, Ross Wilson, Liam Tanner, Michael Mugavero

Princess: Karolina Grgurovic, Mykah Hernandez, Tiana Oster, Giuliana Castronova, Lisette Martin

Sophomore –

Prince: Chris Bailey, Ryan Engelbrecht, Justin Lemme, Jack Van Der Pol

Princess: Madison Page, Leah Skromme, Jessica Siebeck, Rachel Van Gorp

Junior –

Prince: Kamal Jones, Bennett Wood, Mitchell Glauner, Sean McElrath, Evan Rosser

Princess: Chloe Grafakos, Emily Purucker, Bridget Fitzgerald, Mia Mugavero

Senior –

King: Connor Pendleton, Devin Jones, Alec Singh, Rob Dixon

Queen: Alex Costabile, Shelby Lemme, Heather Dixon, Andi Vitagliano

Prince: Austin Howard, Jack Kenzler, Josh Smith, Ryan Lundin

Princess: Mikaela Martin, Savannah Pratt, Nikki Walsh, Diana Carlson