Student Spotlight: Marisol Andrade-Munoz

“As an HCLC student, I commit to learn, believe, dream, dare…”


Photo Courtesy of Arlayna Schooley

Junior Marisol Andrade-Munoz is recognized for her outstanding work in Graphic Design. Munoz was asked by Organization Drop In The Bucket to display her work.

Emmy Walker, Columnist

Every teacher at Horizon Honors wants their students to “spread their wings” and take their abilities outside these walls. Christi Britt, the Digital Arts and Communication teacher, is thrilled that one of her Graphic Design students, Marisol Andrade-Munoz, is doing just that.

Andrade-Munoz  is a junior who has been attending Horizon Honors since eighth grade. Last year, she decided to take Graphic Design and fell in love with it. It was something that she initially did for enjoyment, but it soon became clear that she had a natural talent for it.

Before the summer of 2014, Andrade-Munoz was working on an informational design for Drop In The Bucket. The goal of this organization is to build wells in other countries, such as Africa or Kenya. When she showed Mrs. Britt, her teacher insisted on posting her design to Horizon Honor’s Facebook page. This has brought attention to the student who is now getting requests for her work.  One came from Jennifer DeVault of QR Kidz; Marisol admitted that this request was “exciting, but unexpected.” Although it is a slow process, she is also working on other designs for more organizations; her current work is for Horizon Honors’ Parent University.

Britt is extremely proud of her student’s accomplishment:  “She is just amazing.  She puts her heart into it and insists on excellence. I learn as much from her as she does from me.”