2015-2016 Course Registration

Although the school year is not yet over, it is decision time for the students of Horizon Honors as it is time to choose their classes for the next school year.


Photo Courtesy of Zach Asato

The course request forms for Horizon Honors have been released. The request forms are due back on Friday, Jan. 23.

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

On Friday, Jan. 16, Horizon Honors students from grades six-11 attended a meeting concerning course registration for the 2015-2016 school year. Students also received their course registration form, a paper that will enable them to map out their future. Students will choose their new electives and core classes for the next year, as well as make the decision to stay at Horizon Honors for another term.

But don’t delay, as course registration is due on Friday, Jan. 23. It is also first come, first serve, as class space can be limited for popular electives. Some classes, like Honors or AP courses, may require a pre-requisite or a signature from your current teacher for that class.

After attending the course registration meeting on Jan. 16, students left with much more knowledge about the high school experience at Horizon Honors, as well as what they need to accomplish to be successful. The meeting discussed AP classes, the amount of credits needed for each subject, and what universities are looking for. The advisers, Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Shaheen, also talked about all the extracurricular activities and the significance sports at Horizon Honors.

We, as students, have reached an important time in the school year, and our decisions on what classes we take next year will impact our future. Make sure you choose carefully, because your classes are locked in once the course registration form is turned in, unless you change it with the front office before the end of the year.