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News & Campus Life for the Students of Horizon Honors

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News & Campus Life for the Students of Horizon Honors

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Jake Matise, Sports Editor

Jake Matise is entering his third year at Horizon Honors and third year as a part of The Horizon Sun. After taking Journalism 3-4 last year, Matise really enjoyed it and is excited for his first year as Sports Editor. He is ready for the challenges and activities that await him in his first year as an editor. Matise is eager to participate in extracurricular activities such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and high school athletics as well.

When Matise is not in the classroom, you most likely will find him on a baseball field. He has been playing baseball since the age of six, and has been playing competitively on a USSSA club baseball team throughout Arizona since the age of nine. He played on the high school baseball team last year and hopes to continue to play in high school and beyond in the future with continuous hard work. His favorite foods include fried chicken, calamari, and macaroni and cheese. Matise's other interests include listening to music, building models of vehicles, and playing blackjack with friends and family.

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April 29, 2016

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Merit of AzMERIT

October 31, 2015
Junior Cam Oakes is sporting some attire that you wouldnt normally seen at Horizon. As the week comes to a close one question remains on everyones mind: Is this new dress code here to stay?

Dress Code Trial Week

February 1, 2015
This years new college football playoff should add even more excitement in the road to a national title.

Playoff Puzzle

December 10, 2014
The amount of penalties in the NFL  and NCAA have skyrocketed this year, and new policies are to blame.

Penalty Problems

November 16, 2014
Here is the finished sandwich. This tasty meal is complete with beef, pickles, and optional cheese and condiments.

Sandwiches Maid Rite

November 10, 2014
Bids for Kids is an online auction and the proceeds go towards updating Horizon Honors technology.

Bidding for Good

October 31, 2014
A Liberian man, part of a local aid team, helps a fellow worker put on a protective suit. Clothing such as this must be worn at all times to prevent workers from exposure to the virus.

Combating Ebola

October 20, 2014
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