Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

The Horizon Sun

Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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An employee at the Target forensics lab in classic Target uniform.
The Target Forensics Lab
Jameson Kowalski, Columnist • April 11, 2024

Target, just like many other retailers, has fallen victim to shoplifters, with almost a billion dollars...

Israeli protests stirred debate over Netanyahus position.
Israeli Citizens Demand a Ceasefire
Ethan Fulton, Columnist • April 5, 2024

Israeli citizens stormed central Jerusalem on Sunday, March 31 in the largest anti-government protest...

A cow.
Animals and People Across the Country Catch Bird Flu
Jameson Kowalski, Columnist • April 5, 2024

Across the United States, farm animals such as cows and chickens have been testing positive for a disease...

Ukrainian forces survey damage.
Republican Rep. Confident Ukraine Aid Will Make It to House Floor
Canon Grant, Political Analyst • April 5, 2024

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) said in a recent CNN “State of the Union” interview that he was confident...

The finished product.
Blissful Brookies
Matthew Greco, Columnist • April 5, 2024

Cookies are amazing. You can put anything in them. Brownies are chocolatey goodness. They’re always...

Dan Schneider hugs a cast member.
Nickelodeon’s Dark Side
Erin McGinty, Columnist • April 5, 2024

Dan Schneider, director of many of the older Nickelodeon shows like “iCarly,” “The Amanda Show!,”...

There were three racers who did not finish the race.
Australian Grand Prix 2024 Summed Up
Matthew Greco, Columnist • March 28, 2024

The Australian Grand Prix which took place over two days has just come to a close. This article covers...

Weather Data Source: 30 tage Phoenix wetter

Tempe Union Composite Team Ends Season with a Bang

At the Arizona Cycling Association Championship at Fort Huachuca, the Tempe Union Composite Team ended the season on a high note and looks forward to the next one.
Holden Weinburg during a Tempe Union race.
Josh Weinberg
Holden Weinburg during a Tempe Union race.

On the outskirts of Sierra Vista at Fort Huachuca, the Arizona Cycling Association (ACA) 2023 season came to a close. The ACA is home to over 1,000 athletes and 71 teams, including the Tempe Union Composite team. Being a composite team, the members who make up the Tempe Union Composite (TUC) team come from High Schools and Middle Schools all around the Tempe area, including Mountain Point, Connolly Middle School, and other Tempe union schools. 

When asked what his favorite moment of the season was, Holden Weinburg, a 6th grader at Aspire Academy at Connolly Middle School, said [he] liked it when [they] were at Hawes and [they] all were doing jumps on the trail Big Sister…[He] was nervous at the first [race], but it was fun.”   Another member of the team, seventh grader Damon Bowers from Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School, said “[his] favorite moment of the season was when [he] finished [his] first race, and realized [he loves]  mountain biking and wanted to keep doing it.” While a relatively small team compared to some others, the Tempe Union Composite team did great, with several riders getting pole positions (top 5) in several races, including the Championship. 

Tempe Union Composite is a Mountain Biking team for anyone: beginners, skilled experts, and those whose school may not have a team, like Horizon Honors Secondary School. The Arizona Cycling Association and the Tempe Union team also work hard to get middle and high school-aged girls to ride, often supporting programs like Pedal girl, pedal. While for some, mountain biking may just be another form of exercise, for others, mountain biking is a relief from the chaos of the day. NPR reports that mountain biking can help with the mental health of middle school-aged kids. It helps relieve stress, makes kids more happy, and engages all parts of the brain. When asked what advice he  would give to students thinking about joining, Julio Razos said, “Something I would say to other people who are thinking about joining is always come with a positive attitude. And even if you think biking isn’t the right thing for you, give it a try!” 

Likewise, Holden Weinburg said “[he] would tell them to expect to make new friends, learn mountain biking skills, [and] get a lot of exercise.” Damon said that he liked Tempe Union Composite because, “it feels like everyone belongs, everyone fits in, and there was always something for everyone to do despite their skill level.”

Skilled rider or new beginner, Horizon Eagle or Mountain Pointe Lion, 6th grader or senior, the Tempe Union Composite team is a team for anyone who wishes to hit the trails. For more information, visit 

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