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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Canon Grant

Canon Grant, Columnist

Canon Grant is a junior at Horizon Honors and a columnist for the Horizon Sun. Grant has lived in the foothills of Ahwatukee for 10 years and is passionate about local issues and the people that make up the community. Grant has a strong interest in all things historical, anthropological, and political, and is a columnist who loves to write student opinion and review pieces. Grant is an avid mountain biker and is part of the Desert Vista Mountain Biking Team. Grant is a film and book buff and loves “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings.” This is Grant’s first year as a journalist and he is excited to write for the Horizon Sun.

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Title 42 has officially expired.

Title 42 Ends While the Biden Administration Ramps up Border Restrictions

As a controversial border policy ends, more restrictions on immigration are being initiated.
Canon Grant, Columnist
May 17, 2023
Disney has sued DeSantis over action in response to the Dont Say Gay bill.

DeSantis v. Disney: A War in the Sunshine State

There is no battleground where the great American Culture Wars are more apparent than in Florida, as Disney and DeSantis duke it out in the legal ring.
Canon Grant, Columnist
May 8, 2023
Carlsons firing ends a tumultuous relationship with his network.

Tucker Carlson and Fox News Part Ways after Dominion Lawsuit

Nightly news personality Tucker Carlson parted ways with Fox News on April 24.
Canon Grant, Columnist
April 27, 2023

An Ode to “The Star Spangled Banner”

Although it has flaws, “The Star Spangled Banner” should be kept as the national anthem.
Canon Grant, Columnist
April 19, 2023
Nikki Haleys presidential campaign remains a question of compromises.

Nikki Haley Is Running for President, but Does She Have a Chance?

Nikki Haley announced her bid for the presidency on Feb. 14, but she has a hard fight ahead of her.
Canon Grant, Columnist
March 24, 2023
After three train derailments, America is looking for answers.

Norfolk Southern Goes Off the Rails After a Third Train Derailment

A month after the train wreck in East Palestine, worried citizens continue to fear the consequences.
Canon Grant, Columnist
March 10, 2023
He Gets Us isnt the terrible organization its been made out to be.

He Gets Us Causes Mass Controversy: The Criticism Is Unwarranted

Ads for Jesus were run that promoted kindness, respect, and love for everyone, and the heat it has received is highly unfair.
Canon Grant, Columnist
February 22, 2023
A California community mourns as investigations continue.

Eleven Dead in Monterey Park Shooting

While a celebration of the Lunar New Year was in full swing, a man entered a dance hall and shot into the crowd.
Canon Grant, Columnist
January 31, 2023
Qatar hosting the World Cup brings to light the issues with its regime.

Qatar, the Middle East, and Sportswashing

With many more Middle Eastern countries participating in global sporting events, the abuses of these states are coming into focus.
Canon Grant, Columnist
December 15, 2022
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