Movie Music

Connor Davis, Columnist

Have you ever wondered how movie music sounds better in different areas of the theater?

With every movie comes a fitting soundtrack within. This is used by many studios to either heighten the sense of the scene, or to give the feel of something major about to happen. It is commonplace to make high quality music to accompany a movie at this point, so how do studios manage to do it?

At this point in time, most large studios who make movies, studios like Warner Brothers, Liongate, or Legendary, have large budgets to spend on the music for their movies, but what contributes to what makes the soundtrack worth spending so much? Often, the music is written directly around the script to make it the best that it could be. One notable example was the 2019 Legendary film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The music is very diverse and sweeping and always fits the tone of the scene. With this film, each track is different, making each scene easy to engage into and want to either watch or listen in to more of it. This is one of the best ways that a movie can give a good musical track.

Another way that adds so much value to a movie is by integrating music which is related to the film. Once again, the latest Godzilla movie did this perfectly by getting the Blue Oyster Cult, who wrote a song about Godzilla in the 70s, to agree to let them make a cover of the song. This ended up being great. The Venom movie did this just as well by getting one of the most popular rappers of the time, Eminem, to make a single specifically for the movie. This can lead to making it more marketable for both the movie and artist and also give the movie some replayability for a recognizably good soundtrack.

Most music is written directly for a scene when it comes to movies, but it can even help build things like tension and dramatic irony when it comes to screen direction which is when the objects or actors in the movie seem to be moving from the point of view of the camera according to Steves-Digicams. As the movie ramps up it could become more intense with the conflict or more relaxing for the overall plot. Whatever form is used, most professional producers can always afford to make fantastic soundtracks for triple A movies and people will always find ways to enjoy them.