DIY Earring Organizer


Anja Asato

The author’s finished earring holder.

Earrings can be easy to lose and hard to organize, but with a few materials and some creativity, you can make a cute earring organizer that can double as a piece of decoration for your bedroom.


Wooden picture frame of desired size (I used a 12”x12” frame)

Fiberglass screen (Can be found at Home Depot)

Craft paint (I used Martha Stewart Stain Paint in Beetle Black)

3 Cabinet/Furniture Knobs (Can be found at Hobby Lobby)

Wooden applique (Can be found at Home Depot)


Paint brushes








After gathering the necessary supplies, start by covering a flat surface to protect it from paint. Then, sand the wooden frame and add two coats of paint. Be sure to paint the sides, since they will be visible when it is hung on the wall.

After the paint is dried, measure the bottom part of the frame as the knobs will be placed with equal distances between them and use a pencil to mark the spots. Drill holes at these marks so the knobs can be inserted, and attach the washer and nut onto the backs of the knobs, which will be attached to the knobs when your purchase them. The backs of the knobs will probably be too long, so use a saw or dremel to cut off the backs, so the frame will be able to hang on the wall nicely.

Use scissors to cut the fiberglass screen so it is about two inches larger than the inside part of the frame. Then, use a stapler to staple the fiberglass to the back of the frame. The staples may need to be hammered in slightly. Paint the wooden applique the same color as the frame, or another color of your choice, and glue it onto the top of the frame as a final touch.

After finishing the frame, attach your earrings through the fiberglass screen, and hang it on the wall. The frame can also be used to hang items such as necklaces, scarves, or small purses using the knobs. Personal touches can easily be added to this frame to make it match your room or style. This project is the perfect way to create a functional piece of decoration.