Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

This heartwarming, cute, and festive craft will bring a winter wonderland to any desk or table, even if it’s not snowing outside. It is simple and easy, a great gift, and is inexpensive enough to make for all of your friends.

You’ll Need:

-a stout vase or jar

-sugar, flour, powdered sugar, or false snow

-miniature trees, cars, houses, or other props to put in your scene

-three or four inches of thread or twine

-holiday themed paper

-hot glue or Elmer’s Glue

-mini candy canes

-glitter glue

-false spray snow

Start with a glass jar or vase. It is best to use one with a large opening that will allow you to easily arrange objects inside. You can find jars that would suit this purpose at Dollar Tree or any craft store. Follow the steps below to create holiday scenes.

Christmas Tree Shopping:

1) Fill your empty jar with sugar.

2) Press two or more trees into the background.

3) Pick out a matchbox car that suits the size of your tree.

4) Tie the tree to the car with thread or twine, and insert in your scene.

Snowy Cottage:

1) Fill your jar with snow. For this scene I would recommend powdered sugar or flour for the look of freshly fallen snow.

2) Press two trees into the snow.

3) Construct a house out of decorative holiday paper. I cut 1in x 1in for the front and back, and for the sides 2in x 1in. Then, hot glue a folded piece of paper to the top to serve as a roof. Depending on how tall you make the roof, the amount of paper you will cut out for the triangle in the front will differ. To easily cut it out, lay your roof against the paper and trace the outside of the roof. Then cut out the triangle and glue it in. Decorate the roof with false spray snow. When spraying the snow make sure you hold the can at least five or six inches away so that you won’t soak the paper house. If you don’t own spray snow, you can spread glue thinly on the top and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Being careful not to touch the wet snow, drizzle a squiggly line of glitter glue along the edges of the roof. Insert the house in your scene.

Candy Land:

1) Fill jar with “snow” of your choice.

2) Push trees into the “snow” so that only the tips are showing, and they will appear shorter.

3) Insert a small house in the center of the jar. If you don’t own a small house, you can make a miniature version of the snowy cottage, leaving off the sprayable snow. (shown above)

4) Press four or five candy canes around the house and trees.

Try all sorts of variations on this craft to give it different looks. By using flour or powdered sugar you can get freshly fallen powdery snow, and by using sugar the snow will look icy and hard packed. Try adding sparkles or sprinkles in the snow, or make a festive room with dollhouse furniture. Here is an example of one:

All scenes will be different, but are guaranteed to be special and one-of-a-kind to keep as decoration or give as a gift.